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Creating with relief printing

Printmaking is a broad field encompassing etching, wood engraving, monoprinting, and more. In my art practice, I primarily use relief printmaking to create. Simply put, I carve artwork into a flat block, then ink the artwork with a roller, lay paper over the art, rub gently and transfer the artwork image onto the paper.

It’s an ancient art form that dates back many hundreds of years when woodcuts were created to make illustrations for some of the earliest books. 

All of my artwork is printed by hand (without a printing press) and I make a small number of prints from one original (I like to call them “multiple originals”). My limited edition print runs are typically 40 prints or less, and all are numbered and hand-signed.


My blog shares the process behind my art. And, if you are interested in seeing me create in my studio, check out my YouTube channel.